Catherine Morin Sy
of Mabinay, Philippines, Defrauds Many Foreign Men in Fake
Internet Love Schemes To Steal Their Money & Other Assets

Catherine Morin Sy Uses Lies, Fraud,
& Theft to Steal Money and Assets from Foreigners Whom She Meets In Filipina Matchmaking Websites

Catherine Sy, a married (but separated) Filipina, living in Mabinay, Negros Oriental, Philippines skillfully uses her beauty, hot sex, lies, fraud, and theft to steal money money and other assets from foreigners whom she meets on international marriage matchmaking websites such as Cherry Blossoms,
Filipino Cupid, and other Philippines-oriented penpal websites.

Even though Sy probably has at least two Filipino boyfriends (including one local policeman and another who works and lives in Australia), and even though Sy is still married (to her Filipino husband Edward), Sy posts her profile and pictures (such as the ones on the right side of this page, as online Nov. 20, 2014 on Filipino Cupid) on numerous international matchmaking websites over many years to attract men to contact her as a possible wife. In actuality, Sy is a serial internet love scammer.

Although she has probably seduced and stolen large amounts of money from many foreigners, this website highlights how Sy ripped off two foreigners---

American Phillip Fry, co-owner of Econotel Guest Inn, Mabinay, Philippines, which has been occupied and operated illegally by Sy as a non-rent paying trespasser for about four years, is one of the Syís love scam victims. Sy and her attorney have utilized numerous court eviction delays for four years even though she is not paying rent, has not paid the hotelís taxes, has stolen  equipment and furnishings from both the hotel and a grocery store/department store, and has failed to properly maintain the hotel buildings.

Sy also illegally sold off the valuable timber trees of an adjoining five acres owned by Fry and his partner, and she has stolen money from Fry in many other ways. 

In addition, Sy used her political connections to have Mr. Fry banned by the Philippines immigration agency from being in the Philippines. This wrongful immigration ban hampers Fry's legal proceedings to evict Sy, and the ban  keeps Mr. Fry from seeing and visiting with his three young Filipina daughters who live in Mabinay, Philippines. Read more about the Catherine Sy travesties against Fry by visiting the website
A European Man.emailed Phillip Fry to his Econotel-related email address of to relate how he was lured from Europe to meet Catherine Morin Sy at Econotel. Over the course of time, the European and Sy became romantically-involved. The man trusted Sy enough to believe a  big Sy lie and scheme, and thus to loan her substantial sums of money, which have never been repaid to the man. Once Sy had the man's money, she lost interest in the man.  .

If you have been a victim of a romance or other scam
run by Catherine Morin Sy against you
, please email the details of how Ms. Sy exploited you for financial gain to Mr. Fry to

Read Press Release: Fry Launches Website Warns Men About Serial Internet Love Schemer Filipina Catherine Morin Sy and Other Filipina Ladies

   Picture of Filipina scammer Catherine Morin Sy.
Picture of Catherine Morin Sy of Mabinay, Philippines, who pretends to love foreigners to steal their money.

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